My Notebook

I’ve done it. I’ve bought a nice new notebook to write notes and first drafts for this blog. I’ve been using my iPod’s notebook app, which is great, but fiddly – and it’s only when I email it to myself and paste it to Word that I see all of the auto-correct mistakes. Better and quicker to just write things down as they come into my head. So I figured when I’m out and about, on the bus, on planes – wherever – a notebook would be handy to keep track of my ideas and thoughts.

But it comes with its own set of problems. It’s brand new. A blank canvas waiting for me to  put my mark on it. But the pressure that it brings is astronomical; what if my first recorded idea is a bad one? What if as soon as I write it, I see it in its pathetic glory? Then I will have it mocking me from the front page every time I go to write in it.

It would be unreasonable of me to want all of my ideas to be good ones. To want every glimmer of a plan to evolve into a new blog post. But I’d like the first page to, at the very lease, not be cringe-worthy for ever more. Having the negativity of something glaringly bad hanging over me would, I’m sure, not help my ability to write anything even slightly resembling coherent sentences.

I refuse to wait until I have a definite ‘good’ idea though. I will not give it that much power over me. The next  idea I have will be jotted down on the first page. Adversity is all around, but it will not be found coming from my notebook.


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