First World Problems….

I was talking to a friend in the last week and he was expressing his annoyance at the way people were filling his Twitter timeline with “first world problems”. And it got me thinking.

We do seem to be a generation of moaners. Are we only happy when we moan? Does it give us some common ground to base friendships on? Is it the only way we know to start a conversation?

Somebody I know moved to Spain in the last few years. One of his reasons for going was to get away from the awful British weather. So now he moans about it being too dry.

I think we all know that person who doesn’t moan about anything. They’re normally female; often have a higher-than-average voice; and take delight in telling anybody who’ll listen how damned great the world is. And isn’t she annoying? We’ve all moaned to a friend/colleague about that person. And what a nutter she is.

So do we actually prefer people who moan? Do we perhaps take comfort from the fact that that the person we’re talking to isn’t completely happy either? Does it make us feel better about our own lives?

What would it be like if we actually had something to moan about? How would we cope? If our idea of a disaster is Next not having the shoes in our size what on earth would we do in the event of an actual disaster? A flood; earthquake; airborne disease; even, God forbid, a repeat of the 9/11 tragedy.

Do we have reserves to draw upon, or are we as shallow as the moaning suggests?
I hope we never have to find out.

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