Turning Thoughts Into Actions

If I could find a way to get all the thoughts spinning around my head out onto my laptop, I would be such a prolific writer. So many ideas, so many moments of wonder, and so many minuscule bubbles of inspiration.

I would easily have enough posts to see me through the next six months or so. But in my head they remain, just out of my reach. Is that the difference between me and a full time writer? Do I just lack the discipline (and time) to reach in further and grab the thoughts out of my head and gently coax them into words?

I really will have to work harder on it as it’s such a satisfying feeling pressing the ‘Publish’ button.

Sometimes it takes somebody else to solidify my thoughts. I could be talking to someone and they’ll tell me something, or ask me something, and my brain will latch on to it and bring it to life. Before I know it, words just tumble out of me desperate to take their rightful place on my screen.

That’s a pretty apt description. They do tumble. Somewhere between my head and my fingers they form into mostly coherent sentences. Ideas take shape. Thoughts become actions. A blog post is born.


One thought on “Turning Thoughts Into Actions

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