Modern Technology

I was at work today, working hard doing about fifteen things at the same time, as normal, when I was suddenly awe-struck by technology.

I’m in my mid thirties, so I’m old enough to remember actually having to go to a friends house to find out if they were in. We communicated either face-to-face or through handwritten letters. The closest I came to technology was playing games on my Spectrum 128K.

And yet there I was today, working in a database that people in the US are also using; emailing PDFs to Dubai; sharing files on Dropbox with people all over the country, and arranging an online training session with a company I’ve signed us up with. On top of that I was keeping up with my family abroad on Facebook, and keeping up with tweets from all over the world on Twitter.

Is it just me that finds that absolutely amazing? The power to do so much is at our fingertips; the possibilities are endless.

I think I’m part of the lucky generation because I CAN remember a time before this. It won’t be long before the past is as foreign to us as the Middle Ages.

I think tonight, after video chatting with some friends on FaceTime on my iPod, and watching some telly on NetFlix, I’m going to go to bed with a book. Not my Kindle tonight. Because as much as I love this amazing new world and all it has opened up for me, I’m not quite ready to totally give the past up just yet.


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