It’s Only a Little Rain

There was such a beautiful sky last night – I really thought it would be a nice day today. Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight, and all that malarkey.

How wrong was I?!

It’s rained nearly all day. I’m stood at the bus stop watching people go about their day. Very few people are smiling. I find it strange that the weather can affect people so much.

We’re in England, we should be used to rain. Especially in autumn. But for the most part all I can see are frowns.

I know it’s not great. I know it’s not convenient. I know it often upsets our plans, but there are so many worse things than a bit of rain.

We should be embracing the fact that we’re still alive to feel the raindrops. That we have our freedom to walk through them. The rain is the elixir of life. It feeds the planet.

How can that make you frown?


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