Inspiration comes from a multitude of places. Some are obvious; an old memory, a song, something I’ve seen from the bus. Other times it’s conversations I’ve overheard. Other people’s lives that I’ve overlapped with mine for a few moments.

One very close friend inspires me a lot. He has this knack of asking questions that really make me think. They bounce around in my head for a couple of days until I have to get the words out. He’s been responsible for a couple of my favourite posts.

Other little things stick in my mind and are stored until my brain decides it’s time to let them out. Silly incidental things, like the lovely lady who is often on my bus after work. She’s probably in her early 50s and looks so kind and caring. Her gentleman friend meets her off the bus every evening with a gentle kiss, then he takes her bags and walks her home.

I think about them quite a lot, but my thoughts aren’t quite forming words yet.

The lad that gets on my bus in the morning, who flashes his monthly bus pass like a Federal Agent flashes his badge.

The Big Issue guy not far from work, who always tells me to take care of myself.

Little things like this give me so much inspiration. People surprise me and give me hope

It makes you wonder though, as you go about your day: whose lives are you inspiring? Who is turning what feels like a run-of-the-mill occurrence into art? A painting? A poem? Or even a lowly little blog post.


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