Don’t steal my money!

Bit of a weird dream for me last night, so here it is for you guys too…

I was in the bank queuing up to deposit £30 cash. Finally it was my turn so I approached the counter, but the man in the queue behind me came too.

“Do you mind?” I asked him.
“I don’t mind at all, my lovely” he replied, leering at me.

I tutted loudly and positioned myself so my back was facing him.

I got my money out and put it on the counter while I looked in my bag for my paying in book. While I did that, the man reached around from behind me and took my £20 note from on the counter.

I whirled round, snatched it back and shouted in his face “If you touch my stuff again I’ll stab you”.

I turned back around and started filling in my paying in slip. As I did that he reached around again and stole my £20 note again.

As I turned to him again he started running for the door. I grabbed the bank’s pen from the counter, snapping the chain, and went after him.

I caught up with him by the doors, I made a lunge for it and stabbed him in the shoulder with the pen. He roared out in pain and I just took my money, removed the pen and returned to the counter.

I finished filling in the paying in slip with his blood dripping from the pen.


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