It’s good to talk…

NOTE: This conversation took place between my daughter and I on Facebook late one night. It made me chuckle so I thought I’d share it with you all.

My Daughter: I Think I Have Like A Mild Case Of Keratosis Pilaris 😉 On My Thighs And Elbows 😉

Me: Err…..what is that?!

My Daughter: Like Little Spots Or Bumps That Are Like Red. I Have Always Had Them.

Me: Do they hurt or itch?

My Daughter: No. Why?

Me: Just asking. You’ll probably grow out of it, but you can try gentle exfoliation and using soap-free cleanser

My Daughter: Well They Itch Sometimes.

Me: Might be because skin dries out in winter

My Daughter: But I Have Always Had Them. Since I Can Remember. Like For Years.

Me: It starts in childhood

My Daughter: Wtf? Are You Googling It?

Me: It gets worse around puberty, but usually improves after that. Often disappears at adulthood. Lol, I’m on the NHS website

My Daughter: But I Think I Have That. And There’s Like Nothing You Do Moisturizing Can Make It Less Noticeable But Not Go Completely.

Me: Moisturising and exfoliation help, but it will fade in time. I’ll have a look at it tomorrow.

My Daughter: Apparently It Doesn’t Go.

Me: NHS website says it does normally

My Daughter: Well Google Doesn’t.

Me: The NHS is a website run by trained medical professionals

My Daughter: And Google Is Cool.


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