The Sisters of Mercy – Something Fast

I was introduced to the Sisters back when I was 13 or 14 by my brother. He used to play their songs so loudly; I had no choice but to listen. And I liked what I heard. Years later we went to one of their gigs together. It was a pretty amazing night; I was inappropriately dressed in a pink top in a room full of goths. Andrew Eldritch’s voice grating out of the thick smoke on stage.

I’ve cheated really; it’s not a Song of the Week, it’s more like a Song of Every Workday. Every morning as I walk to my bus stop the bus is there already facing me head on. I always look at the illuminated sign that says, in bright yellow letters, Norwich Fast. And every morning as I approach my bus I’m humming Something Fast under my breath.

In college I studied Konstantin Stanislavski’s methods, learning about Emotion Memory and how, for example, a smell or a sound could bring out an emotion from your past. This song is a trigger for me. Over the years I haven’t spent a huge amount of time with my brother, but whenever I hear, or even think of this song, I’m back at the Sisters gig with him.



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