The Thoughts of Animals

When I get ready for work every morning I am always under the watchful eye of the cat and I find myself wondering what he is thinking.

He lays on the floor and seems to be giving me his full attention. Is he thinking “I wouldn’t bother, you’ll never be as gorgeous as me”, or is there something else going on in his brain.

I suppose the first question is, do animals think? I know they have basic inbuilt thoughts that their survival depends upon, but what about the random thoughts that humans have? Do they dream? I know dogs dream of chasing cats (or running through meadows, something like that!) because sometimes you see their legs twitching and maybe get to hear little happy yelps too.

But do they dream of things they want to do? Do they dream of things they’ve done that they wish they’d done differently? Do they dream of past friends or owners?

In the case of my cat, does he dream of a time when he still had all four legs? Does he dream of the mouse that got away? Does he dream of the house we used to live in with all the grassland and fields surrounding it?

When he watches me straighten my hair is he wondering what on earth I’m doing? Does he sit there inwardly laughing at the amount of rushing around I do? Or is he just keeping a close eye on me in case I suddenly produce food?


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