The Grammar Nazi and the Dating Game

grammar nazi
In the past I’ve been called a Grammar Nazi. And I confess, there’s more than a little truth in it.

I’m not a fan of text-speak at all. I’m on board with lol, tbh, and at a push, tomoz, but other than that I avoid them all. I know this makes me sound very old-fashioned but I don’t care! I love the English language, words are beautiful things; why would I bastardize them?

I know in a previous post I mentioned that I dabble in the dubious world of online dating. Upon joining a new site I always find I attract a lot of attention being the ‘fresh blood’ and one of the ways I sort through the pack is by looking at how they write their bio.

A common tactic seems to be writing “I’m not too good at talking about myself, if you want to know anything just ask”. Come on!! What a cop out! So, you want a woman but don’t want to put any effort in? NEXT!

The next lot to go are the ones with bios similar to this: “Hey bbe, Im lookn 4 a gd lady 2 spnd tym wit…..”. Oh please. What you need is English lessons. Maybe I’m in a minority but I think if you genuinely want to attract a mate you need to put time and care into it. But perhaps, as I said earlier, I am just old fashioned in this respect.

I don’t really know where this over-protectiveness of the English language has come from. I’ve always been an avid reader; maybe it stems from that.

I’ve started to wonder if my actions are cutting out a potential Mr Right. If I was to meet someone in ‘real life’ I would have no way of knowing what their written grammar was like and furthermore, if I was attracted to them I probably wouldn’t care! So why do I hold it against people online? Good grammar is no indication of someone’s ability to hold a conversation which, at the end of the day, is much more important. But I suppose the flip side of that is when you meet somebody online you rely on typed conversations. I’m not sure I could take anybody seriously if they used text-speak all of the time.


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