Joe Cocker – Fire It Up

‘Song of the Week’ this week is a belter from an artist who has provided many a song to the soundtrack of my life. The guy’s been releasing singles since 1964. That’s 49 years of creativity!

I heard it for the first time on BBC Radio 2 sometime in the last week, on Chris Evans’ show I think. And by the end of it I was singing along like I’d known it for years. Since that first time I’ve listened to it quite a lot; the lyrics are really uplifting:

“She’s sitting staring out a window
Trying to figure out just what to do
The last time that she gave her heart away
It came back broken in two
Like an old abandoned car
She parked it down off Lonely Avenue
And she forget about it till the day
She laid her eves on you
And her heart said: “Fire it up”
And her soul said: “Fire it up”
And her mind said: “Fire it up”
Let love live again”

Who hasn’t felt like this at some point in their lives?

His voice is strong and his lyrics still make an impact.


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