My Daughter

proud daughter
I have been blessed with such a fantastic daughter. I’m the first to admit I don’t always think that. In fact, sometimes she winds me up so damned much…

Part of that is that we’re both so similar. We’re both a bit stubborn, both like being right and both like to have the last word.

But every now and then I look at her and I’m struck by how amazing she is. She’s only 13, yet she knows exactly who she is and what she likes. She has her own inimitable style and 100% conviction of her fashion choices. When I was 13 I was forever asking “Do I look ok?”. Not her. She knows she looks fantastic; not in a big-headed way, she just has this inner confidence that I never had. It was many years later that I finally developed that.

She’s her own person; makes her own choices. She doesn’t follow the crowd; instead she finds her own way. Her closest friends don’t like the music she likes, but instead of getting annoyed, or diluting her music taste to suit theirs she simply laughs about how they can’t open their minds even a little bit to try something new.

Yes, she can sometimes be a bit mouthy, but even then I’m impressed with how quick her mind is. She has a fantastic sense of humour and always knows how to use that humour to get out of trouble.

I’m so lucky to have a daughter like her.


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