Crowd Funding Projects

crowdfundingI get a kick out of backing crowd funded projects. It’s a real feel-good moment, giving over an often small amount of cash to help someone achieve their dream. I think they are a great opportunity for people like me, who can’t afford to give too much, to make a little bit of difference. If the project achieves their pledge goal then the backers get related goodies sent to them as a thank you, depending on how much money you pledged. If they don’t achieve the goal then your card isn’t charged; you don’t end up throwing money away on a project that didn’t get enough funding to take off.

There are several companies out there offering the crowd funding service;, CrowdFunder, but my favourite, and so far the only one I have used, is Kickstarter.

I’ve backed several projects on there recently, including:

It appeals to my basic desire to do good. I can honestly say I’ve helped people achieve their dreams. Ok, it’s not exactly finding a cure for cancer, but it makes me feel good. And I can’t wait to get my copy of Galacticat: Volume 1, turn to the credits page and see my name printed there.

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