Neil – Hole in my Shoe

Bit of a random Song of the Week this week, but I’ve been home most of the week so haven’t had a chance to hear much music. And there were loads of YouTube videos of it that were more interesting to look at but they cut off the bit that made me think of the song so I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with a boring one (although it’s a little nostalgic; I have this song on vinyl in my garage somewhere…).

I have a friend (well I have more than one, but you know what I mean); I call him my Bestest Twitter Buddy because, well, because he is! One of his many great talents is random tweeting such as:

Coconut makes me feel uncomfortable

Strawberry bon bons look a bit like a small mammals testicle

I’d marry a Sharpie marker if I could

This week he hit the Twitterverse with “Eating cheese I found under the cooker again” and I was immediately taken back to my childhood, playing this record on my little portable record player and listening to the immortal lyrics:

“I must be a pretty amazing guy right, to have dreamed all this.
Maybe it’s because I ate all that cheese I found under the cooker”

Twitter dude, you are awesome.

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