New Pope Elected

pope NO
Today, after a 2 day conclave, a new Pope was elected. Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, apparently a runner-up last time, finally made the cut.

After a little bit of reading up about him I’ve found out the following facts…

  • He likes to travel by bus
  • He has lived for more than 50 years with one functioning lung. He had the other removed as a young man because of infection
  • He is the first non-European pope in the modern era
  • In 2001 he washed and kissed the feet of Aids patients in a hospice
  • Until now he has been living in a small flat, eschewing a formal bishop’s residence
  • He told Argentinians not to travel to Rome to celebrate if he was appointed but to give their money to the poor instead
  • Though conservative on church doctrine, he has criticised priests who refuse to baptise babies born to single mothers
  • He claims that adoption by homosexuals is a form of discrimination against children but believes that condoms “can be permissible” to prevent infection…

…Hang on….what the hell was that last one?

He honestly believes gay adoption is tantamount to child abuse??????!

Where the hell do they find people like this? How can someone lead the Catholic Church into the future with an attitude like that?

I believe in God, and I’ve blogged about that belief in my Religious Ramble post, but this is madness.


3 thoughts on “New Pope Elected

  1. “He honestly believes gay adoption is tantamount to child abuse??????!”

    With all due respect, you are taking some serious interpretative liberties in reaching this conclusion. He said that it is a form of discrimination. You are the one reaching outlandish conclusions.

    • Many thanks for your comment. In hindsight I suppose you are right; it is a subject I feel very strongly about and emotions were running high when I wrote it.
      The Catholic Church had a chance to elect somebody who could meet the challenges of today’s world and finally claw back some respect from society. But they chose instead to go with a carbon copy of all previous Popes.

      However, this blog is called “Through the Eyes of Little Miss W” and I posted under ‘thoughts’. These are my interpretations of the world around me. Maybe my wording was extreme but I stand by the sentiment.

      • What must be understood – at some point, anyway – by the wider world is that the hot topic social issues (abortion, contraception, married clergy, female clergy, etc) will not change. Period. No Pope has the authority to do so – well, technically, married clergy is a discipline/practice – not dogma – but it is well established and unlikely to change in the Roman Rite.

        One can disagree and hope for something different, fine. But that will not change the outcome. They could have elected the youngest, hippest bishop in the Church yesterday and Church teaching on those issue wouldn’t change one bit.

        You see – like it or not – they see their position on these issues as Truth. And there is only One Truth and that Truth will be protected (by sinners and saints).

        I think the next time we go through this I will meet friends at a bar and we’ll all do a shot everytime someone in the media, or someone interviewed, expresses the ill-informed wish/hope/expectatoin that “perhaps the next Pope will change Church teaching on <>”. But, I’m afraid, we’d all be too wasted to enjoy the results of the election.

        2,000 years and they are the largest single profession of faith on the planet and these issues today are not even close to biggies of the past. They’ll be here for a long, long time. And I’m very glad for it.

        But before one throws the baby out with the bath water, one might want to read from the source as to why the Church teaches what it does (and what the Church doesn’t teach, too).

        My $.02 worth. I think this man taking the Francis, will be a wonderful Pope the whole world can appreciate.

        By the way – specifically about gay adoption – there are plenty of proud homosexuals who are not keen on the idea. It is interesting, actually. Google it – see what their own concerns are.

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