Chunky Scarf

My Scarf
I’m having a little time off work and those who know me will know I’m not good at doing nothing. Yesterday I read all day (which felt wonderfully indulgent) but today I needed to do something. Last night I was inspiring myself on YouTube, checking out different things I could make, and I came across this video:

I watched it a couple of times, and thought “yeah….I can do that!”.

So today I took myself into town to the little knitting shop in the centre and enquired about what sort of wool I would need for arm knitting. Honestly, the look I received from the knitting Nazi behind the counter – for a second I wondered if instead of asking about wool, I’d somehow managed to insult her whole family! She actually curled her lip up in disgust!! She managed to control herself long enough to point me in the direction of some suitable wool, so I thought I’d really make her squirm by asking about the sort of wool I would also need for finger knitting. It was worth it to see her splutter! I took the various balls to the till and she said “You’d be much better off properly knitting, you know”.

Err…thanks love, but you’d be much better off winding your neck in and serving the PAYING CUSTOMERS with a little respect.

Not gonna be going there again!

You could shut me in a room with a ball of wool and I’m be able to create something. Do the same with her and she’d be bored out of her (closed) mind.

Anyway, I digress (I seem to do that an awful lot!). The point is I sat down this evening with the wool and the video and made myself a scarf. It look about an hour and a half and I absolutely love it! The picture isn’t that great because my lights are a bit dim, but it’s a lovely teal colour.

Any women out there I normally buy Christmas or birthday presents for? Yep – you’re probably gonna get a scarf this year! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Chunky Scarf

  1. I’ve been meaning to try this! I saw it on Pinterest. I can’t believe the woman said that. There’s so much you can do with yarn, and not one thing is better than another. I would’ve giggled (because I’ve been scheming to try this too) and told you to come back and show me the finished project. I love seeing what people make!

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