World Peace

world peace
I’ve recently joined up with Bloggers For Peace, and as such I have to publish a peace related blog post at least once a month, whether it be my thoughts, a photo, a poem – anything.

So this is my first piece.

World Peace is such a massive concept. Too large to comprehend; certainly too large to appear achievable. But what are kids taught to do when tackling big tasks or complex problems? To break them down into bite sized chunks.

Maybe Town Peace would be a better place to start. Acceptance of your neighbours. Appreciation for the diversity they bring. I share my town with decent sized Portuguese and Polish communities, to name a few, and I love walking through town and hearing all the different accents. I love the fact that some of the shops cater for the different cultures; I like being able to try some foods and drinks not usually available in Tesco.

I like to hope my views are of the majority of the townsfolk but I couldn’t say for sure.

I’ve heard people moan about the little Portuguese shops that have opened up, including a lovely deli. A feeling of “are they too good for our shops?” surrounds them. But in my town the only alternative is the supermarkets, so I say “Good for them!”. We were foolish to let supermarkets ruin the small shops. We should thank the Portuguese community for giving our town back some independence.

A lot of people moan that they are taking “our jobs”. Surely if we were in those jobs they wouldn’t be available to take? We are quick to blame anyone but ourselves but the reality is that as a nation we have made bad choices.

Sure, ‘Johnny’ might not be able to get a job right now but in a lot of cases ‘Johnny’ hasn’t had a job since leaving school 15 years ago and is more than happy to sit back and claim benefits while moaning about immigration.

And religious beliefs have always been a point of contention. I  am a Christian and I believe in God, but if you don’t – I have no problem with that! God gave us free will, you believe whatever you want. Or don’t believe in anything. Whatever.  As long as you are happy and nobody gets hurt, all is fine by me.

Let’s all make a conscious effort to appreciate what we have and where we are.

It’s a pretty amazing world out there.

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If you’re a fellow blogger and you want to join the Peace movement, you’ll find all the information you need here. Welcome aboard!

2 thoughts on “World Peace

  1. Great post, Little Miss W. I agree. Let’s think globally and act locally. I love how you open diversity with open arms. I can’t think of a better way to start a peace movement. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • Thanks Kozo, I appreciate your comment. Let’s hope more and more people can share the same feelings, so we can turn what feels like a pipe dream now, into beautiful reality.

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