The Levellers – The Likes of You and I

These guys have been a favourite band for many years. Back when I was 18 I lived with a musician and his band used to cover one of their songs. I was lucky enough to see them play a couple of years ago; they were doing an anniversary tour of the Levelling The Land album. It was great to finally see them live.

For several reasons I’ve spent a lot of this past week thinking about peace. World peace; peace between religious groups and different nationalities; and basically just despairing at the millions of things we find to hate. Anyone who knows The Levellers will know that a lot of their songs lend themselves to thoughts like these and this song in particular has been on my mind a lot.

“Do you ever stop to think from time to time
About the way the world’s been left behind
In another place, another time
We could maybe change the way we think
Take the blinkers from our eyes”

Maybe we’re looking at things wrong. With minds that have been fed propaganda. We need to start again.


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