Margaret Thatcher

maggie thatcher
I think those of you who know me will be expecting this post. I wonder if you’ll be expecting the content though.

I am a self-confessed leftie. Generally, the views of Billy Bragg echo my own and I’m proud of them. However, when it comes to the late Margaret Thatcher I have to disagree.

I’m old enough (just!) to remember getting milk at school. I also remember it being taken away, although I didn’t know why at the time. I never enjoyed it though so it didn’t worry me at the time.

People are moaning that she destroyed industry in Britain. But did she really? the 1970’s were hit hard by trade unions striking, demanding pay rises of up to 36% above inflation. Does that seem fair? The country was being bled dry. The strikes hit the country hard and were carried out by everything tied into the Transport and General Workers Union. Refuse wasn’t being collected; the dead weren’t being buried; rats were rising in numbers.

The unions brought down Callaghan’s Labour Government. Margaret Thatcher stood up at the next General Election and made a simple promise: Elect me, and this will never happen again. She won by a landslide.

She carried out her promise. She didn’t destroy the industries for fun; she made Britain Great again. We were one of the world’s most powerful countries. Countries feared Britain because once again, we had a leader who would not back down. Would not take the easy way out. Everything she did, she did for the good of the country.

She made a promise, was voted in because of that promise, and then was hated for the actions she took while carrying out that promise.

The Iron Lady is finally getting the rest she deserves but people are celebrating her death. As if the death of someone who did so much good can be a cause for celebration. She was a politician! Not a paedophile. Not an arms dealer. But most importantly, she died a grandmother. We should let her burial take place with the dignity it deserves. The same dignity that she gave back to Great Britain.

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