Yes it changes sometimes, but is that really such a big deal?

Whenever even a minor change is unveiled there’s always a cry of “It it ain’t broke’, don’t fix it!”.

But how do all those complaining users know it wasn’t ‘broke’? Are they all programmers for Facebook? Do they know the intimate ins and outs of the Facebook back office? NO!

I’m fairly sure the good people at Facebook don’t waste time and money just changing things for fun! Things have to evolve. Needs must be met.

People should remember that it’s a free service. We don’t own it; it’s not ours. They can do whatever they like with it, whenever they like. If you don’t like change, you should probably back away from technology now because it’s only going to continue to evolve.

So please, just accept it and move on. And stop clogging up the News Feeds with complaints! 🙂


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