James – Out To Get You

My ipod played chose this song at random for me the night before last and it stayed in my head, the way all good songs do (and unfortunately some terrible songs too, which is SO ANNOYING!!).

I’ve been a bit of a James fan since 1989 when Sit Down was released. I was in the 2nd year of high school and I remember it being played at a school disco. Awesome tune!

Out To Get You is a classic track from the completely amazing Laid album. It’s an album that got me through college and is still getting me through things to this day. Tim Booth’s gentle voice has the power to soothe even the most troubled mind.

The lyrics let you know you’re not the only one to feel alone:

“I’m so alone tonight
My bed feels larger than when I was small
Lost in memories
Lost in all the sheets and old pillows”

And that sometimes we all feel small and in need of a hug:

“Insecure what you gonna do
Feel so small they could step on you
Called you up, answering machine
When the human touch
Is what I need”

The fact that Tim is singing about how I have felt is proof that it’s not a permanent state. And I guess it’s proof that I will always be ok.

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