Embrace Cultural Diversity

against fascism
On the 22nd March 2013 there was a brutal, horrific attack on a young man on the streets of Woolwich. I won’t re-hash the details here, if anyone has managed not to know what happened, you can Google it. I’m more concerned about the veritable shitstorm that various fascist groups have managed to stir up about it.

The BNP, EDL and various other nazi organisations have had a field day on this: calling for the removal of Muslims from this country. People I know and love have even been re-posting things on Facebook from thinly-disguised racist organisations.

Some of the thoughts below I have already published on Facebook to try to get people to see what they are doing. And how there are being controlled.

Islam doesn’t condone murder. It is a peaceful religion that can happily live alongside Christianity, Catholicism, whatever. The people committing these atrocities are fanatics, twisting the words to suit their evil ideals. They are not religious extremists; instead they are mentally unstable.

If a couple of Irish Catholics carried out the murder in the name of Catholicism would people be trying to kick out all Irish? All Catholics?


If a couple of white Christian men carried out the murder and claimed the voices in their heads told them to do it, would people try to kick out anyone even slightly mentally unstable?


The EDL and other fascist groups would keep quiet as it doesn’t help their cause.

But as the men claimed to be following Islam they are immediately jumped on. The EDL create a mass hysteria, and yes, I can see how easy it is to be caught up in it. But the attack was not an act of terrorism. It was an act of two crazy men. And as such, we should not condemn a whole religion. Especially one as peaceful as Islam.

Why is there so much hatred out there to anything that is ‘different’? Where does that come from? Nobody is born hating. It is taught. And that is the saddest thing of all.

Please everyone; it’s starting to feel like I’m in a minority here. Let’s all make a conscious effort to not just embrace the diversity we see around us, but to help others see the beauty in it too.

Only when we achieve that will Britain be Great again.

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I’ve been very neglectful of my promise to Blog for Peace once a month. I’ve not posted much at all recently – I’ve just not been in the right place, but I was feeling bad about it so that’s why this one came about today.


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