This Post is Long Overdue


I’ve neglected my blog so much over the last couple of months, and I apologise. It’s been a stressful time; a time of changes. A time of fresh starts.

I’m still out of work, although I’m putting all my energy into rectifying that situation.

I moved house last week. It wasn’t my idea: my old landlord is selling my old house, but with hindsight it was a great move. It’s a nicer (although smaller) house; closer to a lot of my friends (walking distance); and it’s got a lovely little garden. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed having a garden until I sat in my new one.

I’ve already planted some seeds and plants in the raised pots that were in the garden.

There’s still lots of unpacking to do. I have to try to work out how I can squeeze everything from my massive old kitchen into my tiny new one! But it’s ok. I like having to de-clutter.

On the love-life front, I’ve stopped waiting for something that in all probability wasn’t going to happen. It’s made me very sad, but it’s stopped me worrying about it, which kinda feels like a weight has been lifted. I do miss him though. A lot.

But…..a fresh start. Again.

And I hope it’s gonna be good.


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