Back on top!

This isn't my office - but kinda looks an energetic place to work

This isn’t my office – but kinda looks a busy place to work

I’m working again!! I’ve been working for two weeks now and I’m bloody loving it! It’s honestly such a relief to be earning money again; to feel like I’m paying my way, and that I can provide properly for my daughter again.

It’s full time, at a company I’ve wanted to work for for some time. Best of all, it’s only a couple of miles from my house – so no long commutes!! I could actually walk to work if I wanted, and it would only take about half an hour. I might do that when it cools down a little. It seems a great place to work; the people are very friendly, and the atmosphere is so nice. So yeah, I’m feeling pretty happy.

It’s stupid, and maybe a character failing on my part, but I feel so much more myself when I have a job. Especially a job I enjoy. It’s not that I live to work, not at all, but I don’t feel like a ‘proper’ person when I’m out of work. I feel like I’m wasting space. Not using my life in a suitable way.

But that’s just me.

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