Is it worth the effort?


Sometimes in life you look at various friendships you’ve been blessed with and just occasionally, you realise that a few have one thing in common.

You were the one making all the effort. All the phone calls were made by you. Any plans you made to meet up were instigated by you. You were the one that remembered birthdays. It was always you.

Everyone has had friendships like this. And sometimes, you start to question it. Is it fair? You have other friendships that aren’t one-sided so why waste time on this one? Why can’t they pull their weight for a change?

And eventually, life gets in the way. Things change, responsibilities increase, and before you know it you just don’t have time to maintain all the friendships in your life. So what’s the first to go? Yes, the one-sided one.

You tell yourself it’s ok, you have other friends, life is keeping you busy, but do you ever wonder what you’ve given up on?

Every friendship enriches your life in a different way. Some are easy, and flourish with tiny incidental moments and interactions. Some are good for your soul; the interactions are less frequent but the joy they bring is greater. And then you’re left with the one-sided friendships. The ones that too easily fall by the wayside.

But maybe we give up too easily. Maybe those ‘hard work’ friendships enrich your life in a different way. Yes, they take more time and effort, but you get an enormous sense of satisfaction when you keep a friendship like this going. And at some point, that friend who has been a bit remiss may just take a moment to look at their friendships and realise they need to redress the balance.

Just imagine how much fun you two will have with such a strong friendship, built on years of dedication.

Don’t give up.

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