Thoughts behind the silence

I’ve been really quiet and I apologise for that. One reason is my change in jobs: I don’t have that hour long bus journey twice a day to sleep/contemplate/observe the world around me.

Another reason is that I received a direct message on Twitter that made me think. It was from Dinah McNicol‘s brother, thanking me for writing the blog post about her. This completely blew me away. I knew people were reading my posts (that’s not big-headed, I just see the analytics), but it suddenly brought it home to me that I needed to make sure my posts were accurate and just – because some people who really care about the subject might be reading.

I could feel this enormous responsibility hanging over me, and although I started 5 different posts, none of them lived up to what I thought I had to deliver. I don’t know how anybody can write under that pressure!

I’ve reflected on it for some time and have come to the following conclusion:

I don’t have to be right all the time.

This blog has only ever wanted to be my views on thing, hence the name. It’s the world through my eyes. I will never try to offend anyone, but if I do – I sincerely apologise.

So, I will try to get back into posting regularly, although time is still a problem. But I will post whenever I can, without agonising over it.

Thanks for waiting x


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