Trousers to Shorts Refashion


I haven’t made anything in months. Ideas have still been coming, and materials are still being collected, but nothing had actually been done. 

Until now. 

I had an old pair of lightweight walking trousers that had been ripped while out hiking. The damage was a bit too much to fix, so I decided to refashion them into shorts. 

No real planning went into it; I just put them on and marked where I thought I’d like them to come down to, allowed a tiny bit extra for a hem, then cut the bottoms off. No measuring, I just lopped them off. 

I had a decent length of 2cm crochet trim that complimented the colour of the trousers, so while I was sewing the hem, I added the trim. I placed the trim on the outer edge as I wanted as much of it to be visible as possible. I sewed it all by hand as I wanted my first project to go back to basics and I’m very pleased with the result! 

I’ve also used one of the legs to make a headscarf, which I’ve edged with the same crochet trim. I did this on my sewing machine – took me about 15 minutes!

I still have one more leg to use up, and I’ve completely renewed my passion for refashioning and crafting. 


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