Fun with Buttons


Anyone who knows me will know I have a bit of a thing about buttons. I LOVE them. I buy any that look interesting, whether I have an immediate plan for them or not.
I went to bed last night thinking about buttons, and as I’ve recently had a new piercing, I was thinking about earrings too.

I’m a little ill at the moment, so can’t sit for more than a few minutes crafting, so I’ve been really neglecting my creative side. I’ve been planning and sketching, but I’m really missing the actual ‘making’. I made some of these a long time ago, so I knew they didn’t take long and I’d able to complete them.

Earlier this year, I bought some earring stems and backs, as well as some ring and brooch blanks. I dug these out, together with my trusty hot glue gun, and my Spongebob Squarepants tin of buttons, and set to work.

It kept me busy for about 7 minutes, which is about my limit before the pain gets too bad. It’s very satisfying to complete something though, even if it is something daft like this.

I think they look cute!


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