Are Prisons Too Soft?

The government is assessing whether prisoners should be given iPads to help them keep in touch with their families while on the inside. They could also be used to help with literacy, numeracy, and help convicts to gain skills ready for the outside world.

And believe me, I don’t mean that in a “what an amazing initiative” kind of way.

These people are inside because of a crime they committed. It was their choice. I know this, because I make the choice to not commit a crime every single day. I know it’s hard. I know more than many, just how hard that decision is. I skip meals because I can’t afford 3 per day. I have wet feet at work because my shoes have holes and I can’t afford new ones. But still I make the choice to live the right side of the law, even when I know the wrong side would be more comfortable.

The basic difference between myself and the convicts, must therefore be that I am a good person, and they are not.

Why then, would we waste taxpayers money giving these people iPads?

I’m known for my left-wing political views, but I take a very hard right view of prisoners. One way or another, they have taken away they human rights of a person (or indeed, an animal). Therefore, why should we be bending over backwards to ensure their human rights are upheld?

Why should their lives in prison be more comfortable than someone living on the right side of the law? They chose to live that way: they should suffer the consequences. They should very basic food and shelter, and that’s it.

If I want to retain for a new career, I have to pay for it. Why should they get it given to them?

We have veteran soldiers who fought for our county, living on the streets because our government has abandoned them. Yet we’re thinking about spending yet more money to improve the quality of life for people who have done nothing, except live the wrong side of the law.

Prison time should be hard time. It should be a punishment. It should be a place that people badly want to keep out of.

Furthermore, I believe that re-offenders should be punished further. Make them have to work in prison full-time to earn their accommodation and food. After all, that’s exactly what the rest of us have to do! No visitation rights either – they had a chance to turn their lives around and they blew it. They only get one chance.

Prisoners who have been convicted of murder should again be treated differently. They’ve taken away a life – they should have no human rights at all. They can be used to test new drugs, or new surgical procedures. We can finally end the barbaric practise of animal testing, and just use convicted murderers.

Treating criminals with kid gloves isn’t working. We need to up our game. We need to make the punishment enough to deter would-be criminals.


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