Trousers to Shorts Refashion


I haven’t made anything in months. Ideas have still been coming, and materials are still being collected, but nothing had actually been done. 

Until now. 

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Sock Monkeys

2013-05-12 17.57.39
I’ve always fancied making sock monkeys. One of my good friends has one as an office mascot (and can be seen here – just scroll down to the bottom of the page), and ever since I saw him (He’s called Alan) I’ve been dying to make my own. So, a couple of weeks ago my daughter and I spent the day doing just that!
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Birthday Cakes

cake - cat wool
These 2 photos are of birthday cakes I made for my daughter. Both were quite a while ago but they popped into my head earlier so I thought I’d post some pictures. I’ve made several others besides these but can’t find any decent photos to upload. If I come across any I’ll get them up.

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Chunky Scarf

My Scarf
I’m having a little time off work and those who know me will know I’m not good at doing nothing. Yesterday I read all day (which felt wonderfully indulgent) but today I needed to do something. Last night I was inspiring myself on YouTube, checking out different things I could make, and I came across this video:

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