Lend With Care

lendwithcareThis kind of carries on from the post last week about crowd funding, and is something else I will be doing more of when I can afford it.

It started before Christmas; I was looking for something I could do instead of sending Christmas cards. I’m not being a Scrooge, I just think they’re a waste of time, money and the earth’s resources, so wanted to do something instead. Something that would make a difference.

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Crowd Funding Projects

crowdfundingI get a kick out of backing crowd funded projects. It’s a real feel-good moment, giving over an often small amount of cash to help someone achieve their dream. I think they are a great opportunity for people like me, who can’t afford to give too much, to make a little bit of difference. If the project achieves their pledge goal then the backers get related goodies sent to them as a thank you, depending on how much money you pledged. If they don’t achieve the goal then your card isn’t charged; you don’t end up throwing money away on a project that didn’t get enough funding to take off.

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Mind Mapping Tool

Obviously this isn't the Mind Map I created. I didn't want to inundate you with all my ideas in one go. Much better to let them trickle out over the months ahead....

Obviously this isn’t the Mind Map I created. I didn’t want to inundate you with all my ideas in one go. Much better to let them trickle out over the months ahead….

I’d been trying (rather unsuccessfully) to focus my mind; to bring all my random thoughts into some kind of order. To figure out some kind of plan. Not for life – I’m sure I’m destined to never know the plan for that, but for this blog. I wanted to plan what I want to blog about so I recognise the ‘useful’ thoughts when they bounce around my head.

I decided that a mind map would probably be a good idea. And being a bit of a geek, I Googled “free mind mapping tools” and came across an amazing website: www.text2mindmap.com

It’s just so easy! An amoeba could do it (providing they had some thoughts in their head to start with). It’s easy to customise, move sections around, change colours and when it’s done you can download it as a PDF or PNG.

Maybe it will be useful for homework, maybe to impress your boss. I was just so impressed that I had to share.

And I think I might need to get out more….