The Badgers

honey badger
“Sam?” I called, nervously. We’d been out for a walk, Sam and I, taking photographs of the wood at night.

It was Sam’s idea: he was always the planner of the two of us. I’m more of the do-er, happy to go along with whatever he suggested. Photography was his latest ‘thing’. Every few months he would wholeheartedly throw himself into something new and always, I would tag along.

I’ve found myself rock climbing, unicycling (not a skill either of us possessed, it turned out), scuba diving, even church bell ringing at one point! Thankfully that one didn’t last long.

But right now it’s photography. And I must say it’s nice to not be in fear of hurting myself for a change. Sam had kitted himself out with all the gear and whenever he felt the urge we’d be out taking photos of anything and everything, just looking for that one shot to make it worthwhile.

I was enjoying myself; I love being in the woods and I had to admit the moonlight shining through the leaves was going to make for some spectacular photos. He’d been taking sky shots through the canopy of leaves and branches when we heard a rustling sound.

“I bet it’s a badger” said Sam, and we immediately started to creep towards the sound. It was coming from a large bush to my right. “You go around the other side then hopefully if I keep still, it’ll head towards me”.

Dutifully, ever the do-er, I crept around to the other side of the bush and began to make a little noise, kicking around some leaves and twigs with my foot.

The rustling started again and I could hear it heading Sam’s way. I waited, not wanting to ruin the moment for him, until he called out “You should have seen him, he was so big and bold! Come and see what I took!”

I hurried back to where I’d left him, which took less than five seconds now I didn’t have to be quiet. But he was gone.

“Sam!” I called out again. Something caught my eye so I looked down. The moonlight was reflecting off the camera lens. I bent down, picked it up and scanned through the photos. He was right; the badger had been big and bold. Too big. And a bit too bold.

In the last photo I could see Sam’s hand as he stroked the badger’s back. His hand looked like a child’s hand next to the badger.

I suddenly realised I could hear the rustling again. I spun around; the badger was right behind me. It was HUGE! It raised it’s snout up and bared it’s teeth. Instinctively, I took a step back, but heard more rustling. I snapped my head round, calling out “SAM!” as I did. It wasn’t Sam. It was three more giant badgers, all with bared teeth.

I broke out of my trance, threw the camera at the closest one to try to distract it, and stared to run. I flew through the wood, crashing into bushes and branches, tearing my clothes and gouging my skin. I could hear them chasing me, gaining ground; could hear their grunting, growling noises.

I caught my coat on a branch and stumbled to the ground. The fastest badger snapped his jaws around my arm but I managed to wriggle out of the sleeve and throw the coat at it to try to slow it down.

I ran as fast as I could but the badgers were still gaining ground. Suddenly I was close to the edge of the wood and back near civilisation. I burst out into the clear ground and soon realised I could no longer hear them. I risked looking back, and could see them at the edge of the treeline; could hear their snarls. They weren’t following me! I was safe!

I took out my phone to check the map. I had no idea where I was – it wasn’t an area I’d been to before. Suddenly my senses were blasted by the sound of a horn. I whirled around to see what it was. A train was coming right at me; I hadn’t even realised I was on a track. I tried to get away but my ripped trousers were caught. I yanked as hard as I could but couldn’t move at all. The train was getting near, the horn sounded again. I kicked my shoes off and yanked my trousers down.

I can do it. I can still make it. I c

This is my first attempt at writing a story. It wasn’t planned. I got my notepad out to write a shopping list and it came pouring out of me! So please, have a read and let me know what you think.