Petrol and Poverty

One of the big problems of being a low-waged single parent, is having to focus all of your energy on financial matters, 100% of the time.

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Coping with Depression & Anxiety – Tip 1

This is by no means going to be a comprehensive series of tips. Depending on how I feel, I may post daily, or not for another 6 months. What I’m saying is, don’t rely on me. I’m just going to share a few things when I can, that have helped me cope a little over the years. If it helps anyone else, then I’m very happy. But no amount of little tips from me are an alternative to seeking medical help.

Look after yourselves.

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Depression / Anxiety

Even in today’s society, the words above carry a stigma. They are used as adjectives against people, to imply that they aren’t worthy, or aren’t as valid a member of society.

More and more people are choosing to fight this. To get people talking about it. To break the taboo.

With that in mind, here is a little glimpse into my life. On and off, it’s been my life since I was a teenager. Don’t judge me. And please, don’t pity me.

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Using up the rubbish…

As I’ve hinted at before, I’m working on a few big projects, projects that will take several more months to complete – if not longer. In collecting the relevant materials for these projects, I’ve ended up with a large amount of scrap stuff and my plan is to find some cool ways to use these up.
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New Start

Sometime in the next 4 weeks I am moving from a sleepy village tagged on to a market town, to a big city about 215 miles away. I have a job waiting for me, but to be honest, the move is more about wanting a fresh start.

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The line in the sand

line in the sand
Everyone has a line they say they won’t cross. Whether it’s conscience, upbringing, or just a general moral code, there’s always a limit to what people will do.
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