Is my love for you wrong?
That first sip;
The way you ease down my throat.

I feel the blanket of warmth lower,
Gently taking me
Reassuring me that everything is ok.

My heart rate slows, my worries fade;
This must be safe:
How could anything bad help me so much?

My glass is empty. What do I do?
Time for bed?
Perhaps just one more glass.


I Am Me

I am me
That’s all I’ll ever be
But will it be enough
To get me through the rough?
Will it ever change?
Will I always feel the pain?
It’s so easy to smile –
Put my brave face on a while
But it drops when I’m alone
My soul as heavy as a stone.
I’m like an empty shell
Stuck in this endless hell,
Hoping to find a friend
Someone to make me smile again.
But I’m too scared to trust –
Because it always turns to dust.
So, I guess this is my fate
Just to sit alone and wait
For life to completely pass me by.
Until at last: the end. I die.

I used to wonder….

I used to wonder – do you miss me?
The way we talked all night long
The way our bodies came together as one
Almost as though we were meant to be.

I look around the room and see mementos of our past
The statue from Greece. The print from Prague.
The dents in my heart where you tried to break it.
It’s stronger than you thought – it beats so proud.

The things we collected are purely things –
No special memories or sentimental worth.
My life is my own, and I’m using it wisely,
and as I sit here I know – I don’t miss you.

29th May 2012