date2Some time ago I went on a date with quite a nice man. Just to give you some background, we’d ‘met’ online on a dating site almost a year before, chatted loads, had a few phone calls too, but we never managed to meet up. Despite living less than 30 miles apart we were thwarted by money, time and I think a kind of apathy; both single, both had some bad experiences… We pretty much stopped chatting, our contact waned to a few ‘pokes’ on Facebook.

Out of the blue almost a year later I received a text:

So when can I whisk you off for a romantic meal for two? Xxx

My first thought was that he’d obviously mixed up his contacts in his phone, and I sent a text back saying just that. But no, he’d been reading though the messages we sent each other the year before and said “All I can say is what a fool I was for not making the time to meet u xxxxxxx

To say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. It was a first date with someone I felt I knew already despite having never met him.

He picked me up, we went to an Indian restaurant not far from mine and we had a lovely night. The conversation never stopped (and he was even sexier in real life!). We talked and laughed all evening and he came in for a drink when he drove me home. Again, we sat and talked and just relaxed with each other.

He had to leave fairly early as he had an early start, so we said goodbye and off he went. A little while later I got this text:

Hey thanks again for a great evening my apologies I had to shoot off, just got home now xxx

We exchanged a couple more texts that night before saying goodnight and all felt right with the world.

Except that was it! Over the next couple of weeks I sent him three texts, all unanswered.

What’s up with that?!

Today he ‘liked’ a post I put on Facebook. Why, when he doesn’t seem to want any contact with me?!

So…..a request to all who read this:

Guys – Please say what you mean. Don’t be nice to save our feelings – it doesn’t.

Girls – Don’t get your hopes up, some guys are people pleasers.

(I appreciate that these roles are reversed a lot of the time too)