Preparing for the Future

My daughter is now in her first year of college. I’m working part time, because as I’ve said in an earlier post, it makes more sense both financially and for my little family’s happiness. However things are going to change. From September 2018 my girl will have left college, and all of the benefits I receive will stop. Everything. Child Benefit. Tax Credits. Housing Benefit. And the Child Maintenance her dad is currently paying.

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Believe in Yourself


You know how it is; you’re convinced that everyone else knows exactly what they’re doing in life.

They’re all sticking to the ‘plan’, doing everything they’re supposed to at the appropriate times, and all is good in their worlds.

This is what I believed was the absolute truth, until a couple of months ago. I was out with two girl friends: not people I spend a huge amount of time with, but people I respect and admire a great deal. After a while, the slightly tipsy conversation turned to men. At the time I was having some no-strings fun with a married man. I knew it was wrong, but it was the only thing that I actually made me smile back then so I wasn’t going to stop it.

And it turned out that one of my respected and admired friends was in exactly the same position. And the other friend had her own man problems, mostly about falling for the wrong one (come on ladies, who hasn’t done that?).

It hit me like a blinding light, right between the eyes. Maybe nobody actually knows what they’re doing. Maybe, like me, they’re winging it -some with more success than others. All that worrying I’d been doing was for nothing.

Maybe everyone is just doing the best they can at any given time.

And maybe, just maybe, we should all give ourselves a break.