Hell on Earth?

I went for my first ever psychic reading last month. I generally have a healthy level of scepticism about things like this, but I have to admit that she did know some things about me, my family, and my friends.

While some details were generalisations that could have been applied to many people in many situations, other details were so specific. Almost to the point where she said something bad about a member of my family – surely a shyster would’ve stuck to nice things for fear of offending and losing money?!

She knew things about me too, for example that I suffer with depression, and have recently changed jobs.

I’ll be honest: not all of it was spot on, but the session made me feel good. I felt comforted. And understood. Maybe that’s why they are so popular – they give you comfort when you don’t even realise you need comforting.

One thing we talked about has played on my mind though: Hell. Apparently Earth is Hell. There is no lower than this. What we do here affects where we go next, whether to one of the many levels in Heaven, or back to Earth to try again.

I’ll freely admit I’m going through quite a low patch right now, and maybe that’s influencing what I’m about to write quite a lot, but in my head right now, it makes perfect sense.

THAT’S why it’s such a bloody struggle.

THAT’S why nothing ever goes smoothly

THAT’S why I don’t always have enough money to eat.

THAT’S why the state of the world practically reduces me to tears on a regular basis.

My world IS a living Hell.

I don’t know if this is a punishment for living badly the previous time, or if I’m brand new and just starting at the very bottom, but it does seem that I should just stop hoping for it to get better and face the fact that this is life for me until I clock out.