Preparing for the Future

My daughter is now in her first year of college. I’m working part time, because as I’ve said in an earlier post, it makes more sense both financially and for my little family’s happiness. However things are going to change. From September 2018 my girl will have left college, and all of the benefits I receive will stop. Everything. Child Benefit. Tax Credits. Housing Benefit. And the Child Maintenance her dad is currently paying.

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Petrol and Poverty

One of the big problems of being a low-waged single parent, is having to focus all of your energy on financial matters, 100% of the time.

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Don’t steal my money!

Bit of a weird dream for me last night, so here it is for you guys too…

I was in the bank queuing up to deposit £30 cash. Finally it was my turn so I approached the counter, but the man in the queue behind me came too.

“Do you mind?” I asked him.
“I don’t mind at all, my lovely” he replied, leering at me.

I tutted loudly and positioned myself so my back was facing him.

I got my money out and put it on the counter while I looked in my bag for my paying in book. While I did that, the man reached around from behind me and took my £20 note from on the counter.

I whirled round, snatched it back and shouted in his face “If you touch my stuff again I’ll stab you”.

I turned back around and started filling in my paying in slip. As I did that he reached around again and stole my £20 note again.

As I turned to him again he started running for the door. I grabbed the bank’s pen from the counter, snapping the chain, and went after him.

I caught up with him by the doors, I made a lunge for it and stabbed him in the shoulder with the pen. He roared out in pain and I just took my money, removed the pen and returned to the counter.

I finished filling in the paying in slip with his blood dripping from the pen.