Train – Hey Soul Sister

This song hasn’t just been in my head, oh no – it’s been absorbed by my soul. Whenever I open my mouth to sing, out comes “Hey soul sister…”. I hang up the phone at work and find myself singing it to myself under my breath, every time! And it’s been this way for a couple of weeks already.
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The Beatles – Twist ‘n’ Shout

Today’s Song of the Week is later than it should be, but seeing as I haven’t posted one for months, I figured you guys would let me off 😉
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James – Out To Get You

My ipod played chose this song at random for me the night before last and it stayed in my head, the way all good songs do (and unfortunately some terrible songs too, which is SO ANNOYING!!).

I’ve been a bit of a James fan since 1989 when Sit Down was released. I was in the 2nd year of high school and I remember it being played at a school disco. Awesome tune!

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Enigma – Return to Innocence

This is one of those songs that has stayed with me for years. It’s like a hug in song form. It gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it and I can’t help but sing along whenever I hear it.

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The Levellers – The Likes of You and I

These guys have been a favourite band for many years. Back when I was 18 I lived with a musician and his band used to cover one of their songs. I was lucky enough to see them play a couple of years ago; they were doing an anniversary tour of the Levelling The Land album. It was great to finally see them live.

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REO Speedwagon – Take it on the Run

I came across some old CDs in a box this week while having a poke about in my spare room. As soon as I saw my old REO Speedwagon CD so many memories came flooding back and I had to sit down to take it all in properly. It’s not as if I’ve ever stopped thinking about him; more that I don’t think about all the little wonderful things about our friendship and the life we lived.

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This is my Life

proud to be me

I’m perfectly happy with myself at last;
I’ve finally managed to shake off my past.
I know who I am and I know what I’m doing;
I have new dreams that I’m wholeheartedly pursuing.

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Tinchy Stryder Ft. N-Dubz – Number 1

Those of you who know me might find this weeks’ Song of the Week a little strange, but I admit…..I am a secret N-Dubz fan. They make music with a good beat and the result is some banging feel-good tunes!

I know I go on about lyrics and I’d hate to disappoint you on this one….

see I don’t understand how you’re number one
when it was just a fling before now, you’re the one
see all I did was blink twice, from my homie to my only
number one

I love how simple it is. One minute they’re friends after a quick fling; the next they have fallen in love. It’s the perfect love story set to an awesome beat. What’s not to like?!


Sugarbabes – Stronger

I fell in love with this song when it was released back in 2002. Seems a lifetime ago and in some ways it was: I know I’m a different person now, but I still love it and it resonates with me even more in recent years.

I make it through the rainy days
I’ll be the one who stands here longer than the rest
When my landscape’s changes re-arranges
I’ll be stronger than I’ve ever been
No more stillnes more sunlight
Everything’s gonna be alright

I’m all alone
And finally I’m getting stronger
You come to see
Just what I can be
I’m getting stronger

Somethimes I feel so down and out
Like emotions that’s been captured in a maze
I had my ups and downs
Trials and tribulations
I overcome it day by day
Feelin good almost powerful
A new me that’s what I’m looking for

I didn’t know what I had to do
I just knew I was alone
People around me but they didn’t care
So I searched into my soul
I’m not the type of girl that will let them see her cry
It’s not my style I get by
See I’m gonna do this for me

Without wanting to harp on about it too much these lyrics completely sum up the last three years of my life. My landscape has changed but I have come out stronger. A new, better me. Yes, there were ups and downs. There still are to a point, but I got through them and now I know I always will.

Everything’s gonna be alright.

Joe Cocker – Fire It Up

‘Song of the Week’ this week is a belter from an artist who has provided many a song to the soundtrack of my life. The guy’s been releasing singles since 1964. That’s 49 years of creativity!

I heard it for the first time on BBC Radio 2 sometime in the last week, on Chris Evans’ show I think. And by the end of it I was singing along like I’d known it for years. Since that first time I’ve listened to it quite a lot; the lyrics are really uplifting:

“She’s sitting staring out a window
Trying to figure out just what to do
The last time that she gave her heart away
It came back broken in two
Like an old abandoned car
She parked it down off Lonely Avenue
And she forget about it till the day
She laid her eves on you
And her heart said: “Fire it up”
And her soul said: “Fire it up”
And her mind said: “Fire it up”
Let love live again”

Who hasn’t felt like this at some point in their lives?

His voice is strong and his lyrics still make an impact.