Embrace Cultural Diversity

against fascism
On the 22nd March 2013 there was a brutal, horrific attack on a young man on the streets of Woolwich. I won’t re-hash the details here, if anyone has managed not to know what happened, you can Google it. I’m more concerned about the veritable shitstorm that various fascist groups have managed to stir up about it.
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Crimes of the Welfare State?

george osborneThere has been a major media storm over the last few weeks revolving around the Philpott family. For those of you who read my blog from overseas I’ll give you a quick run-down:

Benefit-scrounging nasty piece of work (wife-beater and had already been in prison for attempted murder of a previous ex-girlfriend), was jailed for being the ‘brains’ (and I use that term lightly) behind a plot to burn down the family home in an effort to frame his ex-girlfriend as retaliation for her leaving him and taking the children. Tragically, the fire took hold too quick and the six children died. Mick Philpott was sentenced to serve a minimum of 15 years after he was convicted of six counts of manslaughter.

While I wholeheartedly believe that sentence is an insult to the six lives he ended, I am not writing about that today. Instead, this blog post is about the media storm around the social classes.

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