The Pretenders – I’ll Stand By You

I loved this song when it first came out back in 1994 (I just worked out how old I was then; now I feel old). I used to sing it all the time in my bedroom, belting it out at he top of my voice (I bet my folks LOVED me!).

Even now, 19 years later, the lyrics still give me goosebumps.

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If I’m feeling down
He holds me tight.
He doesn’t ask why
Just holds me as long as I need.

If I’m poorly he comes to me
Holds my hand, kisses my forehead
Drives me to the medical centre at 4am
Then gets me home and tucks me in.

He lets me choose the movie
And I try to pick one he’ll like
But if he didn’t like it he wouldn’t say,
He’d just smile and squeeze my hand.

If I wake in the night
He can always tell.
He pulls me close
Holds me till I’m asleep again.

Stop hiding behind your cats!

I’m an Instagram user. Alas, there’s not enough room on my phone to install it but I use it on my iPod. I love it – I love how easy it is and how quickly you can share whatever you want with anybody in the whole world. And how it makes my shots look great!

A good friend was having a little moan about it though. About how all he ever sees on there were pictures of cats and glasses of wine. He swears he wasn’t having a go at me, but I admit I’m as guilty of it as anybody. I love my daughters cat, and I love a nice glass of wine or bottle of beer after a long day at work.

But as my friend says, we all love looking at photos of our friends. Why don’t we share whatever we want to share, but with ourselves in the shot?

My immediate reaction was to worry that the cat is far more photogenic than I am, but I mulled it over. Who really wants to see just a cat, or just a glass of wine? He’s right. People probably would like it to be more fun. More personal.

So I’ve given it a go.

I’ll be honest: my self esteem isn’t that high. I’m not a fan of having my photo taken, and actually looking at the photo afterwards. I avoid it whenever I can. But in the last year I’ve begun to see myself differently. Parts of me that I used to hate, I now have a grudging respect for. A few parts of me I actually think are quite nice. And finally, after years of thinking they’re horrible, I’ve come around to the fact that I actually have pretty eyes.

So far I’ve taken 3 photos of myself with Instagram. And I didn’t take about 20 each time and pick the best – they were each the first try. I’ve experimented by posting them other places too; Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. And my friend (as always) was right. People do like to see them. I’ve had ‘likes’, been ‘favourited’ and had several comments.

I’ve relaxed about myself and as a result my social media is more sociable. How’s that for a win-win situation?!

I dare you all to try it. Tweet me your photos @Little_Miss_W_ or post them on my Facebook page Little Miss W

I’m looking forward to seeing you.

“Share if you hate….”

One of my pet hates is the amount of pointless posts on social media sites. Facebook seems to be worse, but it seems Twitter is starting to catch up.

I’m talking about the “repost if you want a cure for cancer” rubbish. Of course we want a cure for cancer, but sharing a pic of a young girl, bald from chemo, isn’t going to make a cure come any quicker!

And that horrible one that keeps coming back where you’re asked to repost the photo of two teenage boys torturing a puppy in the hope that somebody recognises the boys. Don’t get me wrong, I hope they’re caught and punished in a similar way, but I DON’T NEED TO KEEP SEEING IT!

My problem is I think too much. My brain gets hold of something and like a dog with a bone it’ll keep at it. I’ll wake in the night thinking of the poor puppy. I’ll have nightmares. It’ll be all I see when I close my eyes, until the next senseless cruelty picture is posted that is.

I can’t be the only person affected by these. Can I?

The way I see it, is the people who don’t care just ignore it, and the people who do care are upset by it. So if you repost this stuff, you’re hurting the wrong group of people.

Maybe it’s time to move on from this, and start using social media for the purpose it was created for: to stay in touch with friends.