Train – Hey Soul Sister

This song hasn’t just been in my head, oh no – it’s been absorbed by my soul. Whenever I open my mouth to sing, out comes “Hey soul sister…”. I hang up the phone at work and find myself singing it to myself under my breath, every time! And it’s been this way for a couple of weeks already.
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James – Out To Get You

My ipod played chose this song at random for me the night before last and it stayed in my head, the way all good songs do (and unfortunately some terrible songs too, which is SO ANNOYING!!).

I’ve been a bit of a James fan since 1989 when Sit Down was released. I was in the 2nd year of high school and I remember it being played at a school disco. Awesome tune!

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Enigma – Return to Innocence

This is one of those songs that has stayed with me for years. It’s like a hug in song form. It gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it and I can’t help but sing along whenever I hear it.

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The Pretenders – I’ll Stand By You

I loved this song when it first came out back in 1994 (I just worked out how old I was then; now I feel old). I used to sing it all the time in my bedroom, belting it out at he top of my voice (I bet my folks LOVED me!).

Even now, 19 years later, the lyrics still give me goosebumps.

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REO Speedwagon – Take it on the Run

I came across some old CDs in a box this week while having a poke about in my spare room. As soon as I saw my old REO Speedwagon CD so many memories came flooding back and I had to sit down to take it all in properly. It’s not as if I’ve ever stopped thinking about him; more that I don’t think about all the little wonderful things about our friendship and the life we lived.

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Nouvelle Vague – Don’t You Forget About Me

I grew up to the original Simple Minds version of this track from 1985. It was an epic song from an epic band of my youth and was featured in the great 80s film, The Breakfast Club.

But this version has been stuck in my head for a few days. I came across Nouvelle Vague maybe six months ago and fell in love with their gentle style straight away. Their music (which is all covers of songs they haven’t heard before) has a way of just holding you gently and as I’ve been a bit poorly this week I think their music, and this track in particular, has been exactly what I’ve needed.

Let me know what you think.